Providing you quality Xirgo Technologies M2M devices with exceptional customer service

Our commitment to quality products and superior customer service gives you the confidence to partner with Advanced Tracking Solutions.

Advanced Tracking Solutions (ATS) is a preferred Xirgo Technologies distributor of GPS hardware in the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) industry. ATS carries Xirgo Technologies’ full product line.

ATS does global business from its location in Camarillo, California. With customers around the world ATS can provide products to both domestic and international markets.

In the fleet management industry, On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) tracking devices are preferred due to their ease of use and features offered.  ATS carries the best OBD tracking device on the market, Xirgo Technologies XT-2400 series. Today there are over 3 million OBD devices deployed in the market. The high utilization numbers identify Xirgo Technologies as a leading M2M device manufacturer in the industry.

Complementing the XT-2400 Series is a robust GPS hardware product line including:

XT-2150 Series
XT-2400 Series
XT-4500 Series
XT-4700 Series
XT-4900 Series
XT-6300 Series

All of the M2M devices offer versatility designed for the numerous solutions in the industry. In addition to the features and options, each device is offered in 3G and CDMA technologies.  We work hand-in-hand with Application Service Providers and Xirgo Technologies to continually advance the GPS hardware to meet customer’s ongoing needs as the industry evolves.

When it comes to M2M devices a low failure rate is vitally important. Xirgo Technologies has focused on building highly reliable products that application service providers and their customers can count on. ATS stands behind Xirgo Technologies products by offering a full one year warranty on GPS hardware. ATS is proud to partner with Xirgo Technologies to bring you the most advanced and reliable asset tracking devices on the market.