We are excited to introduce the Xirgo XT2500 series device, one of our newest products. The Xirgo XT2500 is a versatile plug-n-play unit that can be used in both light-duty/passenger or heavy-duty trucks with an optional 9-pin/6-pin Deutsch connector (RP12226 for newer trucks). The device has:

  • Optional Bluetooth interface for ELD applications and optional internal battery and buzzer for driver behavior alerts.
  • Expandable with an external XT1065 I/O box with additional interfaces such as digital inputs, digital outputs, analog inputs, RS232 interface, and Dallas/Maxim1-wire interface.
  • Support industry-standard communication protocols such as MQTT and CoAP for faster integration with existing IoT systems.
  • Supports TLS1.2 encryption and mutual authentication with backends to keep user data safe.

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